Pre-Order ELATION Now!!

Pre-Order NOW!!

GREAT WHITE's 12th Studio album ELATION
RELEASE date  MAY 18TH on Frontiers Records!

Elation - Great White

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Thanks for posting the review AND...
Thanks FW for the link to the new review! If any of you aren't already members of our facebook group, and are big fans of the new lineup with Terry, I invite you over to facebook to join the SHARK TANK.....ELATION (GREAT WHITE page). It's a private group, so please message the Admin, Steven Wisnieski, or email him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it '> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . You will need to be friended by him or someone on the group and have them add you. You'll find the band members commenting on a regular basis, as well as lots of fans contributing and supporting the new lineup and CD.
Also, a new website is underway and will be live in the coming weeks. It will include separate areas for each of the band members to interact with fans. So keep checking for that!!
Povohost , May 17, 2012
Somebody out there likes you..
Looks like Metaltalk like you too
Farting Weasel , May 17, 2012
Why can't I hear the record before I buy it? Sound clips aren't enough. Subscription is where recorded music is headed. Granted, Spotify and Rhapsody pay a low royalty rate, but if you catch fire the volume will make up for it.

But of course the real money is in ticket sales. If Elation is good - really good - people are going to spread the word and line up for blocks outside your shows. They'll also gladly pay for souvenirs, so bring loads of merch, including the new CD. Then the word will spread some more, and on and on.
Ahmet , May 06, 2012
Question for Michael
This AM I saw the 'Save Your Love' video from back in the day and have to know what you were playing in that video?? I have never seen anything like it. Thanks....
BalinorBuckhannah , May 05, 2012
on my fb wall
wayian13 , May 04, 2012
I play you guys all day every day posts on my eb wall all my peeps love ya time to bring it back again live to CA and Vegas Im goin july 6th w/ Slaughter oh ya home boyz im 52 may 6th rock on forever or Die....Riding
wayian13 , May 04, 2012

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