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Great White's "Elation" Review from Greg Napier -
Host of The Rock Show on 88.7 WMMT-FM

What makes Rock N Roll last? The Feeling you get when the opening riff brings you out of your seat? Could it be a song that makes a life long memory from a verse, that will change the way you see the World? Maybe it is a band that brings you through 3 decades of your life and has you pulling for them the way you support your Favorite Sports team?

Millions of Album Sales, A Grammy Nomination, and let's not forget, one of the most amazing live acts that America has ever produced. "Great White" has answered all of the above questions.

In a career that is now at 30 years, listening to "Elation" lets you know that this is a band that will never slow down. Vocalist "Terry Ilous" shows why he has been considered one of the great vocalist's from the Late 80's. His bluesy, soulful, and passionate vocal work gives you the feeling that Steve Marriot gave at times. He has given Great White fans an amazing effort on "Elation" and the open track shows you why he is the right fit for this band. In "Love Train" Ilous really defines himself and why he is such a riveting singer. He clearly has brought some amazing energy to Great White!!

What really solidifies this band is the amazing playing of one of America's greatest Guitarist's in 'Mark Kendall'. Kendall shows his prowess on "Feeling so much better" a song that will surely become a staple on Fans IPOD'S and the live shows. Kendall shines as strong as he has in the past with such lasting riff's ala "House of Broken Love' and "Rock Me". He carried this on into this decades masterpiece in "Love Train". Influences from "Billy Gibbons and Jimmy Page" is displayed all throughout 'Elation" and Kendall could be at his best in 2012.

The Track that really stands out to me on the album and why Kendall is such a force is "Lowdown" this song brings you to your feet! A song that gives you assurance that "Great White" has propelled themselves into a band that brings back the diversity they delivered on "Can't get There From Here" in 1999 with an effort that will be talked about for sometime!! "Elation" sounds like a young hungry band, that is ready to make a statement in 2012.

The band's playing is incredible on this effort.  Michael Lardie and Audie Desbrow are both hidden gem's in this effort..Harmony's led by Lardie are so on point and prominent in this great body of work, that it gives you a 'Jack Blades" comparison. Lardie also Produced the album along with Kendall. His keyboard and guitar orchestration is masterful throughout the record. Desbrow and Scott Snyder let you know that this one the most talented Rhythm sections in Rock Today. Desbrow is one of the most amazing drummer's that we have today in Rock! Snyder gives you a Billy Cox/John Paul Jones feel all through the effort.

Great White Fans should feel right at home with 'Elation" and also hear the Freedom that this band has in this new era. Rock N Roll goes through changes and we can accept it or decline it. One thing for sure is "Great White" is a band that has given you a 30 year journey and we should be so grateful that there is still a band that cares enough about their fans to keep delivering year after year. Great White has never let us forget why we love Rock N Roll! 30 Years of service to us make's me a believer!



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New album
I have been listening to the new album and just wanted to say, love it! I'm very glad you guys are around and still making great music, see you on tour this summer!!smilies/cool.gif
lisann , May 30, 2012
Awesome album!
I second the motion!This review hit the nail right on the head! Love this album from beginning to end! Thank You Great White!
LongTimeFan , May 28, 2012

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